When I’m writing these lines, the Travel Diary has approximately 0 readers and the same number of views. It’s demotivating, but hopefully it won’t go on like this forever. I am, after all, an eternal optimist)
At the moment I have quite a few drafts of travel descriptions, which I wrote down in a small notebook, in phone notes, in a copybook, sitting somewhere on a balcony or in the courtyard of a hostel or guesthouse after a whole day filled with adventures. I think it is important to describe it at once, while the impressions and emotions are still very fresh, and the various details of the story only embellish and enrich the description.
Anyway, I have a lot of material to share, which I’m happy to do. I decided to post materials in two formats: “Travels” and “Waydiary“.
Travel” – large posts about each individual trip, they will have a unique cover and a corresponding title. This is for those who want to read about countries and cities. There will be no photos with me or arguments on distracted topics. Everything is concrete and to the point)
And in the section “Waydiary” I will post small notes on various topics of a more personal nature, with some photos of me, perhaps – with my view of the previous trip “from the inside”, “from behind the looking glass”, so to speak. These posts will always have the same cover – with letters, postcards and travel diary. By the way, I’m into postcrossing – it’s an incredibly inspiring hobby! And definitely a great topic for a separate Wayiary post. And maybe even more than one).
Anyway, that’s the plan. I hope future readers will enjoy both sections 🙂

p.s.: I will also add a section called “Useful Tips“. There I will describe some interesting topics in addition to traveling by countries, as well as share my experience.
Perhaps in the future I will add new sections. We’ll see. 🙂

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